We are a team of professionals with a years of experience in field of aerial videos and aerial photographes. Helicopters, that we use for filming and taking photos requires professional, two-membered operation team. During more than three years of existence we have realized countless of aerial shots or aerial photos. Thats why we have lots of experiences in this "craft" and the interplay between pilot and camera operator is at the perfect level! The technique is constantly improving, so we are able to provide perfect stable aerial shots in highest quality.

Copterfilm CREW



Filip Brázdil - (24) 

A well talented pilot of 3D acrobatic RC model helicopter. 
Able to pilot hexacopter and similar devices with perfect precision and sensitivity.
Highly experienced in RC electronics and mechanical design of multirotor helicopters.
Before the foundation of a Copterfilm team many years of experience in RC modeling with participation in acrobatic competitions.
Also worked as a flying instructor with the RC helicopter in "STUDENT - mode".



Antonín Nevrlý - (28)

Professional cameraman graduated at film college from "Image and sound in film and television production" specialization.
Thanks to RC model hobby he can remotely control the camera with a perfect precision and feeling.
With years of experience in the aerial shots he can think already on the ground about best aerial view.
Before founding Copterfilm team 6 years of experience in czech national TV as a cameraman and editor.