In Copterfilm we use the most advanced and reliable drone and camera technology to shoot aerial video or to take aerial stills. For best results, we also use our own component development. In our fleet you can find the biggest 25kg drone "DESTINY" for film and commercial shooting, more versatile platform of middle class as a DJI INSPIRE 2 but also one of the smallest camera drone  MAVIC Pro perfect for very tiny spaces or technical recce . We always find the best machine for your project. On most project we have also a complete backup drone in case of any unprettended technical issues to provide 100% reliability. All of our drones are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and liability insured for damage. We test all equipment precisely, constantly upgrading it and keep it in perfect conditions. Safety and reliability is our main priority!


"DESTINY" heavy lifter / registration number OK-X008S

  • custom designed X8 drone, with high-end equipment, weight aprox. 25kg
  • for flying with heavy camera setup (max 7kg) as ARRI Alexa mini, RED cams, heavy lenses, FIZ control
  • equipped with FREEFLY MOVI Pro camera gimbal stabilization 
  • HD video transmission Connex HD with HDMI/SDI output to video village
  • aprox. 15min of flight time (depends on the payload, flight style, temperature, wind speed)
  • maximum flight speed 50kph
  • emergency safety parachute Galaxy TBS equipped

DJI INSPIRE 2 with DJI X7 camera / registration number OK-X039J:

  • versatile quadmotor platform with two person operation, weight aprox. 4kg
  • wide range of usage, long flight time, short preparation time, easy to transport
  • equipped with DJI X7 camera (SUPER35 sensor, 14 stops dynamic range), changable lenses (16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm), recording Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW or CinemaDNG RAW codec on high speed SSD drive
  • remote camera control (focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO,..etc) 
  • HD video transmission with HDMI/SDI output to videovillage 
  • aprox. 20min of flight time , maximum flight speed 90kph


  • small and light quad drone for one man operation with build-in camera, weight aprox. 0,7kg
  • perfect tool for technical recce and location scouting or small interior shooting
  • built-in stabilized camera, 1 / 2.3 "CMOS sensor, 28mm lens (35mm fullframe equivalent), Full HD or 4K maximum bitrate 60Mbit, 12.7 Mpx resolution
  • maximum flight time aprox. 20 min , maximum flight speed 65 kph
  • HD video remote transmission with possible HDMI/SDI output


POV racing drone with GoPro:DJI Inspire 2 a Zenmuse X5S kamera

  • special quad motor FPV camera drone for POV shooting , one man operation with FPV video goggles 
  • used for very unique POV chasing shots, high speed long range 1km flying, through obstacle shots
  • equipped with GoPro 5 Session or GoPro 7 Black
  • maximum flight time 5-6 min, maximum flight speed 110kph
  • SD remote video transmission 5,8 GHz with possible video output

We are equiped with sufficient number of batteries for each drone and accesories . If necessary, we also have a power generator for charging the batteries on the set. In ideal conditions, we are able to fly almost nonstop. We just need to land after the battery is discharged . With our custom made power charging station we are able to keep batteries charged all shooting day.