Duo Destiny.jpg

New big film drone

We have 2 new big drones in our fleet! We can fly with ARRI Alexa mini or RED film cameras with wide range of film lenses.

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Inspire 2 sicilie.jpg

With inspire 2 on sicily

We shot a new SUV Karoq for ŠKODA Auto. Inspire 2 is perfect tool for most shooting and is also good for traveling abroad by plane

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OLOMOUC Airport with new website

Olomouc airport, where Copterfilm has its headquarters, has a new website!

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Libor Uher training

Začátkem roku 2014 jsme natáčeli pro ADIDAS s Liborem Uherem jeho training day v Beskydech. Tentokrát jsme si museli pro záběry vyšlápnout mimo jiné i na Lysou Horu!

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FRANCIE Saint-Tropez.jpeg


We are taking our aerial shots also abroad! We had a change to fly during 4 day shoting in France along cote d'azur. We have also visited Saint-Tropez! What a sceneries there:)

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We were again cooperating with TATRA in production of the new video of agricultural tractor TATRA PHOENIX.

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