aerial shots

Exterior or interior! ... above the ground or above the water! ... few centimeters or hundreds of meters! We are able to get a totally unique stable aerial video in High Definition wherever you want! We are providing aerial shots for many years. Thats why we are able to shoot aerial shots exactly the way you want, but also we can figure out the best shots of the scenes, that you are interested! Mostly nobody can imagine, how it will look like from bird's-eye view. But thanks to years of experience we know what works best in air cinematography.

With the machines , that we are using for taking aerial shots, we are able to reach positions, where a classic film technique basically can't be used. We are able to take dynamic shot more easier than common film technique like cable cam or simillar. And moreover we don't have to set up our equipment for a long time. Our service certainly can not replace the large helicopter. Manned helicopter is able to fly tens of kilometers at a stretch. Aerial shots we create imaginarily filled previously unreachable areas, where the film crane is to small and the manned helicopter cannot be used. We are also far cheaper than hiring a big helicopter and also more mobile than a film crane! Preparation before take-off takes just a few minutes. 


Basic facts about COPTERFILM aerial shots:

  • stable video in high definition
  • camera gimbal controlled in 3 axis with perfect image stabilization
  • wireless video transmitter for real-time preview on the field
  • GPS support functions with data recording
  • unlimited minimum flight altitude
  • the possibility of interior flying or night flying (LED position lights)
  • the possibility of LIVE video transmission to large LDC screen
  • high mobility and flexibility - ready for take-off withing few minutes
  • quiet and environmentally friendly operation without CO2 emissions (flying in national parks, countryside,..etc)
  • very small demands on the size of starting area
  • much lower price than a big helicopter or airplane with crew