aerial photos

Copterfilm also offers taking aerial photographs from a heigh of up to 300m. We are using a professional full-frame Canon 5D mkII camera at a resolution of 21.1 megapixels or Panasonic GH3 camera. The quality of taken images meets the most demanding requirements for large format printing. During the tho photo shooting you are able to view real-time composition of taken photos, so you can accurately specify the form of a resulting photos. But if you dont have a specific idea of how the image should look like, we will figure out the ideal height and angle of view for the best image! With our years of experience we know what works best in aviation photography.

Basic facts of COPTERFILM aerial photos:

  • professional photos in high resolution
  • real-time preview of composition for image check with remote shutter
  • possibility of GPS coordinates for further processing and accurate repetition of the photograph 
  • photos in RAW format with a possibility of post-production color adjustments 
  • you will recieve (if requested) all taken photos for later usage
  • high mobility and flexibility - ready for take-off withing few minutes
  • quiet and environmentally friendly operation without CO2 emissions (flying in national parks, countryside,..etc)
  • very small demands on the size of starting area
  • much lower price than a big helicopter or airplane with crew